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Frequently Asked Questions and More

Here at the Centennial Trail Association, our volunteers are working hard to make the Centennial Trail and all of its Access Points more accessible for everyone! If you have questions not answered here, please contact us via our social media or our contact page. All relevant and new question answers will be added to this page over time!

Thank you for your patience with our ongoing growth.

Centennial Trail  Rock Ridge Sign by Erin Neufeld

Questions and Answers

Q : Who maintains the Centennial Trail and its Access Points?

A : The Centennial Trail Association maintains the trail. We are a group of nature loving volunteers who maintain the trail as available. Contact us for information on volunteering with us!

Q : Who can volunteer for trail maintenance and other volunteer opportunities?

A : Anyone interested! Contact us for more information!

Q : Is the trail constantly maintained all throughout the year?

A : Yes and no, the trail and all of its accesses are maintained by volunteers. This means the trail is maintained as volunteers are available. Our volunteers meet 1-2 times per year as a group for one large maintenance event in Spring. Then the trail is maintained as volunteers are available for the rest of the year.

Q : Are there designated backcountry camping sites on the Centennial Trail?

A : No, unfortunately there are no designated backcountry camping sites. Backcountry camping sites would have to be maintained and cleaned by volunteers, we currently have no volunteers available or open to doing this work. Back country camping is not allowed on the Centennial Trail.

Numbers to Know

Please note, cell service is not consistently available throughout all sections of the Whiteshell Provincial Park. 

In Case of an Emergency:

9 1 1

To Report Wildfires and Turn in Poachers:


Centennial Trail by Erin Neufeld
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