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Our History

Created by volunteers and maintained by volunteers for decades, to this day the Centennial Trail continues to be maintained solely by hard working dedicated volunteers. Volunteerism and group learning runs deep in the trail's history.


The trail was conceived by Vern “Skink” Dutton and further developed by the Scouts and Girl Guides of Canada in honour of Manitoba’s 100th anniversary of becoming a province.


The trail cuts through pre-Cambrian shield country following high granite ridges and low areas of deep boggy boreal forest. Today, a collective group of volunteers continues to maintain and bring access to the trail, we are the Centennial Trail Association. 

Manitoba Scouts on the Bear Lake Access - Centennial Trail

It truly takes a village, if you are interested in helping maintain and enhance access to the Centennial Trail and its many access points please contact us to begin volunteering with us today!

Centennial Trail Association group photo 2022
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